Party Notes

B.Y.O.E. (EVERYTHING): no sharing food this year.
Unlike previous years, food will NOT be available on site. Also, due to Covid restrictions, we will not be collecting bottles or cans this year. Please bring all of your bottles, cans, and trash home with you. Just like camping! (Basically, plan on bringing everything that you bring in out with you, including bottles, cans, trash, etc.). Note: Remember to bring a trash bag!

B.Y.O.B. (and a cooler): The Produce Barn at 72 Mansfield Avenue in Norton sells beer, wine, liquor, and ice. (It's only 2 minutes from my house.) They also have an awesome deli so you could plan to buy your takeout lunch there!

B.Y.O.C.: Bring Your Own Chair, blanket, or something else to sit on.

Parking: Carpooling is strongly recommended as parking is very limited - only on one side of Freeman Street. Per the Norton Police Department, cars may only be parked on the ***same side of the road as my house,*** and must be facing the same direction as traffic. Limited parking is available on Beach Street (north of my house) or Gary Road (south of my house). Suggestion: meet at the old Roche Brothers parking lot at 175 Mansfield Avenue in Norton and carpool to my house!

Dropoffs: My driveway is reserved for motorcycle and bicycle parking only. In case you need to park far away, the end of the driveway may be used for drop off and pick up of people, coolers, chairs, etc. (so you don't need to lug all your heavy stuff up the street.) There will also be a detail cop (hopefully Jacob) on site.

Bikers: Please respect my neighbors and leave quietly (no burnouts). No Colors. THANKS!!!!

Insect Repellant: The Mosquitohawks are an organic company that deter all mosquitos, ticks, and other blood-sucking insects from the area. They will be doing a few applications all around my yard the week before the event to keep you all safe!


Joe Brazell, Tim Guisti, Roger "Super Star" Labier, Liston Portables, Michelle (Meeshelle) L. Monti Communications, Mockingbird Music, The Mosquitohawks, The Red Rooster Bar & Grill, Carol Reed, Ken Richardson, Kevin Umlauf, Clark Valcovic, Nancy Weston, Kenny WOO HOO


C2 Foundation in memory of Norton Police's Deputy Chief Thomas Petersen.
HeatherFest recently donated to the C2 foundation in honor of Deputy Chief Thomas Petersen.

Toni Lynn Washington
HeatherFest recently donated in honor of Toni Lynn Washington to help her through some hard times..

Norton Fire Department Nero's Law / Nero's Law now permits emergency medical personnel to offer emergency medical treatment and transport of K9 partners, including first aid, CPR and lifesaving interventions. HeatherFest will be donating the specialized masks for the Police Canines for ambulances in Norton and surrounding towns. Proceeds from HeatherFests have also enabled us to donate oxygen masks for dogs and cats to be carried in firetrucks and ambulances.

Nine Lives Cat Shelter - Grilling On Site
Although food will not be shared this year, you may bring uncooked grill-ables and the Nine Lives shelter employees have kindly offered to grill your meats, etc. in exchange for a donation to the shelter.

Nine Lives Cat Shelter Drive
There will be donation boxes at the entry tent for the Nine Lives cat shelter in Norton. Please click this link to see their current needs:

Nine Lives Cat Shelter - No Can/Bottle Donations this year
Due to different circumstances at Nine Lives, they will not be accepting bottles and cans this year as donations. Please remember to take your empties with you. (Bring a bag!)

Food & Donation Drives
Norton Food Pantry will be accepting donations of canned goods and non-perishables. Please check their website to see what they need the most right now:

From Boston

Take Route 95 South (towards Providence) to Route 495 South (towards Cape Cod). Take the exit for Route 140 South and follow the signs to Norton.

Follow Route 140 (past "Great Woods" and TPC) for 1.8 miles.

Take a right onto Freeman Street. Number 65 Freeman Street is located 1/2 mile on the lefthand side.


Carpooling is strongly suggested as parking is very limited.
Limited parking is available on Beach Street, which is on the left just before my house, or on Gary Road, which is on the left just past my house.

Per the Norton Police Department, you may only park on the same side of the road as my house, and you must be parked facing the same direction as traffic.

Another suggestion is to meet at Roche Brothers on Route 140 in Norton (about a half mile before my street) and carpool to my house.